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Peer Review Committee for Cancer Detection and Progression (CDP)

Areas Reviewed

  • Biomarker identification and pre-clinical development, including liquid biopsy and molecular imaging

  • Pre-clinical modeling to identify factors (such as microbiota, pathogens, nutrition, metabolism, oxygen levels, oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes) and their mechanisms of action contributing to cancer progression

  • Mechanisms of therapeutic response, including tumor evolution and treatment resistance

  • Mechanisms of treatment-associated morbidities

Peer Review Committee Members

Co-chair, Vera Tarakanova, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
Co-chair, Christopher Willey, MD, PhD, University of Alabama
Stakeholder, Karen Dupske
Stakeholder, Miguel Melendez
Grace Chen, MD, PhD, University of Michigan
Claudette St. Croix, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Lukas Dow, PhD, Weill Cornell Medicine
Rebecca Leary, PhD, Novartis
James Robinson, PhD, University of Minnesota
Mala Shanmugam, PhD, Emory University
David Soto-Pantoja, PhD, Wake Forest University
Shannon Stott, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Wei Qiu, PhD, Loyola University
Xuehong Zhang, MBBS, ScD, Harvard University