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Peer Review Committee for Metastasis and Microenvironment (MM)

Areas Reviewed

  • Cell-cell interaction, adhesion, cell polarity, and the signaling events responsible for the pre-invasive to invasive transition and metastatic spread

  • Cellular and molecular events mediating tumor-stroma interactions, tumor-induced alterations of the extracellular matrix, tumor cell dormancy, tumor angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis, and the specific niche environment in tumorigenesis
  • Stromal components and their mechanism of interactions within a tumor microenvironment 

Peer Review Committee Members

Co-chair, Traci Lyons, PhD, University of Colorado Anschutz
Co-chair, Zach Schafer, PhD, University of Notre Dame
Stakeholder, Joanne Wellman
Stakeholder, Edgardo Fabregas
Paula Bos, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Paul Campbell, PhD, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Ovijit Chaudhuri, PhD, Stanford University
Leah Cook, PhD, University of Nebraska
Rajan Kulkarni, MD, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Greg Lesinski, PhD, MPH, Emory University
Sandra McAllister, PhD, Harvard University
Marina Pasca di Magliano, PhD, University of Michigan
Paolo Provenzano, PhD, University of Minnesota
Jordan Winter, MD, Case Western University