FAQs: ACS Extramural Program Changes and Grant Application Submissions

We recently changed our department name to Extramural Discovery Science (EDS), and with that change, we reduced the number of our scientific programs from five to three. However, we made every effort to maintain the breadth of the science that we review for potential grants by restructuring the programs and peer review committees (PRCs), where necessary.

What are the new EDS Scientific Programs?

Our three Scientific Programs:

  • Biochemistry and Immunology of Cancer Research
  • Cell Biology and Preclinical Cancer Research
  • Clinical and Cancer Control Research

PRCs Matched With New Extramural Scientific Programs

The PRC Key below the graphic lists the names of the old peer review committees (PRCs). Arrows in the graphic show which scientific program the old PRC topics are now associated with.

What happens if I select a Scientific Program that isn’t the best fit for my proposal? 

While your selection helps guide the sorting of applications, we determine the final placement within PRCs to ensure that it's been assigned to the most appropriate one. You'll receive an acknowledgment letter after the application deadline indicating which PRC will review your application.

I’m resubmitting my application. Should I list my previous peer review committee or a new one?

Please use the committee code from your previous submission, even if that committee no longer not exists. We’ll assign the application to the PRC with the appropriate expertise. Note that you’ll also need to select the new EDS scientific program that’s associated with your selected PRC.
Example: Your application was previously reviewed by Cancer Drug Discovery (CDD). So you should list CDD in proposalCENTRAL as the previous committee. You also need to select the scientific program, which as you can see in the graphic above, is Cell Biology and Preclinical Cancer Research.

Does my April 2020 submission that wasn't reviewed count against my allowable number of submissions?

No. An application submitted for the April 2020 deadline that was not reviewed because COVID-19 forced the ACS grants program to reduce its scope won't count toward your allowable number of submissions. New applications submitted in April 2020 that were returned without review will still be considered a new application when submitted in April 2021.

I plan to apply for a Mission Boost Grant (MBG). Has the grant mechanism changed since last year?

Yes. You no longer need to submit a letter of intent for a Stage I Mission Boost application. Applications will be accepted during the regular Spring and Fall grant cycles, by April 1 and October 15, respectively, and will be reviewed by a standing MBG PRC. One resubmission will be accepted for both Stage I and Stage II grant applications. The review of MBG applications is managed by the Biochemistry and Immunology of Cancer Research Program.

When are Institutional Research Grant (IRG) applications accepted?

The deadline for IRG applications is April 1. Please note that in 2022, the application deadline will change to October 15. The review of IRGs is managed by the Clinical and Cancer Control Research Program.