New Portal for CPS-3 Participants Enhances Data Collection

We recently launched the CPS-3 Participant Portal, which aims to:  

  • Allow efficient and safe two-way communication between study participants and the research team.
  • Enhance the CPS-3 experience for participants by making it easier to complete surveys and share other types of information.
  • Accelerate scientific discovery by collecting study-related data more efficiently.
  • Investigate and test novel data collection methods.
  • Save money by reducing/minimizing our reliance on traditional paper surveys so that we can use those donated funds for our lifesaving research.

Access to the portal is by invitation only at this time. All CPS-3 participants will receive an invitation via email or mail on a rolling basis between July 2021 and December 2022. If you've already signed up: Log in.  (

ABC's of the CPS-3 Portal

Thank You, CPS-3 Participants

The portal was first tested in a small, randomly selected group of CPS-3 participants who were invited via email to join and use the test version of the portal before it becomes available to all participants. Their feedback has helped guide us to build a CPS-3 portal that enhances our data-collection tools and that's also convenient, easy to use, and appealing. 

We'll roll out the portal to all CPS-3 participants over the next few years.