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If Your Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer

Find  information to help parents and loved ones of a child with cancer know about and cope with some of the problems that come up just after the child is diagnosed. 

How to Cope When Your Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer

All parents seem to feel shock, disbelief, fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety, and anger. In this situation, just about any feelings could be considered normal for parents and other family members.

Helping Your Child Adjust to a Cancer Diagnosis

Children and teenagers often respond to news of a cancer diagnosis with a range of emotions that reflect those of their parents. The child’s age, development, and personality also affect their responses.

Helping Siblings of Children Diagnosed with Cancer

Brothers and sisters have their own fears. Sometimes they’re afraid that they might get cancer, too. They may pick up on parents’ anxiety and not understand what’s going on – they may not be sure what cancer is but they know it’s bad. 

What to Say if Your Child Asks About Dying

When you talk with children and teens about their cancer diagnosis, they may ask if they are going to die. Not all children will ask directly.  Here are some things you can say to help.