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Managing Cancer Care

Finding a Palliative Care Program

In most cases, your doctor or cancer care team can offer and start palliative care services. But if palliative care is not offered or available (or for some other reason), they can refer you to a specialized palliative care provider or palliative care team.

Maybe you want to learn more, or would like to talk to more than one provider who offers palliative care. In these cases, there are organizations that keep lists to help you find a palliative care team or palliative care provider. You may also find palliative care information and referral services through the American Cancer Society by searching  Find Support Programs and Services in Your Area

You will also need to contact your insurance company to check if you are eligible and to get a list of palliative care providers, teams, or centers.

The following organizations have listings of palliative care providers:


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Along with the American Cancer Society, other sources of information on palliative care include:

  • Has information on palliative care for patients and home caregivers, including where to find palliative care programs in your state

City of Hope Pain/Palliative Care Resource Center

  • Web-based clearinghouse of information and resources to help patients and families to improve the quality of pain management and palliative care

Last Revised: May 10, 2019

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