Active For Life

What is Active For Life?

Active For Life is a 10-week American Cancer Society team challenge program that uses evidence-based strategies to help employees become more physically active. Available for workplaces of all kinds, the program encourages employees to take an honest look at their current activity level and set realistic goals for improvement.

Physical activities can range from walking at lunchtime, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or yard work to more strenuous exercise like running, swimming, or playing tennis. Research shows that people who increase their physical activity, improve their diet, and get to and stay at a healthy weight reduce their risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

How does it work?

Active For Life is designed to promote regular and sustainable physical activity and health awareness during the program and long term. Participants set individual goals and join teams for social support. One point is earned for every minute of moderate to vigorous activity they achieve and participants log these points on their online dashboard. Additionally, employees share a sense of teamwork and peer encouragement by being part of the program. According to Healthy People 2010, a national health promotion and disease prevention initiative, adults spend more than half of their waking hours in the workplace, making work an important environment for influencing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

What can you expect?

Employees in Active For Life live a more fit and healthy life while having a positive impact on their company’s bottom line. Businesses with worksite wellness programs that include opportunities for regular physical activity have seen improvements in employee job performance and morale, lower absenteeism and turnover, reduced disability days, and lower medical costs.

For more information about Active For Life, including how to get the program for your organization, visit, or call us toll-free at 1-800-227-2345.

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